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Heart Disease is the leading cause of death in North America. One of the reasons for escalating heart disease is the lack of Omega-3 nutrients in the body.


Pure Polar has 2X more Omega-3s than Krill Oil. Support your heart health by taking Pure Polar Omega-3 Shrimp Oil!

Super Antioxidant

Having an antioxidant rich diet is good for your health, but taking a super antioxidant is even better. Astaxanthin is one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants.


Pure Polar has 10X more Astaxanthin than Krill Oil. Take more super antioxidants with Pure Polar Omega-3 Shrimp Oil!

Potent Absorption

Pure Polar contains Phospholipids, Omega-3s and Esterified Astaxanthin for better absorption (or bio-availability) of these essential nutrients.


For better absorption, more nutrient power and more value for your money, take Pure Polar Omega-3 Shrimp Oil!

Sustainably Sourced

We all care about how our needs affect the environment and all of us want to see our natural resources put to their best use.


Pure Polar Omega-3 Shrimp Oil is made from the shells of cold water shrimp that are sourced from Sustainable Certified waters in the North Atlantic Ocean.

Your Health. From Head to Toe.

Everyone wants to be healthier, especially when it comes to your heart – and good health is attainable if we make good lifestyle choices. But eating a balanced diet and maintaining an ideal fitness routine isn’t possible for everyone, all of the time. 

Is there a way to make good health a priority, even in our fast-paced world? Yes.

Introducing Pure Polar Shrimp Oil, the one supplement you need to promote good heart health and overall vitality. Made from the shells of sustainably sourced coldwater shrimp, Pure Polar contains more heart-healthy Omega-3s, and more of the powerful antioxidant “Astaxanthin”, than your typical fish oil or krill oil omega-3 supplement.

The Formula is Simple:

More Omega-3s + More Astaxanthin = More Benefits and More Value


Introducing Pure Polar Shrimp Oil – the one-a-day supplement that’s easy to take for a healthier you, and a healthier planet!
Krill oil is considered better than fish oil – Pure Polar Shrimp Oil delivers all the benefits that krill oil and fish oil offer, and more!
The super antioxidant that’s super hard to pronounce (asta-zan-thin) but is super good for you – and Pure Polar Shrimp Oil has lots of it!


What matters most when buying a heart health product?

  • More omega-3s for your heart?

  • More antioxidants for added health benefits?

  • Potent absorption to get the most value for your money?

  • How the product is soured?

Pure Polar delivers all these benefits and more!

Pure Polar Products

Regular Strength
Soft Gel Size: 250 mg
Serving Size: 2 soft gels
Servings per Bottle: 25
Double Strength
Soft Gel Size: 500 mg
Serving Size: 1 soft gel
Servings per Bottle: 50
Extended Release
Tablet Size: 500 mg
Serving Size: 2 tablets
Servings per Bottle: 45

Omega-3s: Keeping your heart happy since…forever

Until the 1970s, when Inuit populations were mysteriously found to have much lower rates of blood cholesterol and heart disease than other populations, little was known about Omega-3s. Then ground-breaking research discovered the secret behind the Inuit’s heart health: coldwater fish such as mackerel, Arctic char, herring and tuna, as well as mollusks and crustaceans, comprised a large part of their diet. These fish were found to contain high levels of the long-chain omega-3 fatty acids eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). Other populations who consumed a great deal of fish, such as Mediterranean countries whose people enjoyed sardines, Scandinavian countries who considered salmon a staple of their diet, and Asian countries where tuna was commonly consumed, were found to enjoy similarly low rates of heart disease and chronic inflammatory diseases.

Today, doctors, health scientists and nutritionists alike agree that consuming omega-3s is essential to a heart-healthy diet both for people with heart disease and those who simply wish to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system and prevent heart problems.

Clearly, Omega-3s are important. But, are you getting enough?

Pure Polar shrimp oil has two times more Omega-3s per standard gel cap than krill oil.

Surprise, Surprise…Westerners don’t eat the way they should!

Unfortunately, with the heavy reliance on processed foods and oils characteristic of most Western diets, populations in developed countries are taking in far more omega-6 oils than omega-3s. Consuming too much omega-6, which is found in meat, poultry, eggs, grains, vegetable oils and other popular foods, can block the healing action of omega-3s in the body. The ideal ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids should be between 1:4 and 4:1, but many people in North America consume omega-6s at a rate of 10 to 25 times the amount of omega-3s they take in naturally through diet alone.

To combat this, people have been urged to consume a low-fat diet with minimal processed foods that is high in naturally occurring omega-3 fatty acids from sources like fatty fish, in order to reduce the risk of serious chronic diseases.

Or, you could try a supplement. Millions of North Americans already have, making fish oil the #1 natural product currently sold in the US. But amid increasing debates around sustainability, supplement quality and bio-availability, it’s not surprising that new research is pointing to better alternatives to traditional fish oil supplements as a way to get the right amount and type of omega-3s.

Pure Polar shrimp oil has 10 times more astaxanthin per standard gel cap than krill oil.

Small shrimp, big health impact.

While Pure Polar Shrimp Oil contains two times more omega-3 fatty acids per standard gel cap than krill oil, that’s not all Pure Polar offers. You may have heard how antioxidants such as those found in deeply pigmented foods like cranberries, red wine and green tea can fight the damage done to our cells by free radicals, which constantly bombard us from smoke, polluted air and even internally from our own immune response. But perhaps it’s news that the same pigment which gives crustaceans, salmon and shrimp their pleasing reddish-orange colour – astaxanthin – is also one of the most powerful antioxidants known to man. Numerous studies have linked the antioxidant properties of astaxanthin to supporting the treatment of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cataracts, macular degeneration, joint inflammation and a number of other ailments.

Due to its high concentration of Astaxanthin and Omega-3s, Pure Polar shrimp oil can provide critical support to body processes and assist with:

  • Supporting heart health through lowering triglycerides and bad cholesterol
  • Supporting cognitive function
  • Supporting healthy joints and tendons by reducing inflammation
  • Supporting eye health, especially for people who look at computer screens all day
  • Supporting your muscles during and after intense exercise and activities
  • Supporting good skin health, especially after exposure to the Sun
  • Supporting your body’s immune system

With the health benefits of more omega-3s plus one of the world’s most powerful antioxidants, what more could you want? The answer lies in the delivery system. Pure Polar Shrimp Oil has a phospholipid base that is more easily absorbed by the body than the triglyceride formulation found in fish oils – so you get a more effective product, and better value for your money.

Pure Polar shrimp oil is specially formulated to be easily absorbed, which makes more Omega-3s directly available to the body… with no fishy aftertaste.

Fish oil supplements containing omega-3 oils have been on the market for decades, and cod liver oil was popular long before that, often given as a daily dose for children. Yet research has recently questioned the wisdom of using fish oils, which are typically delivered to consumers in a triglyceride formula that is not very readily absorbed by the body – not to mention the ethical concerns involved in collecting these oils from ever-shrinking fish stocks.

Not long ago, krill oil debuted on the market as being a viable improvement over fish oil omega-3s because of improved bio-availability of the EPA and DHA, plus a small amount of astaxanthin. Unfortunately, Antarctic krill, a species of zooplankton that resembles tiny shrimp-like creatures, is at the very bottom of the Antarctic food chain. Krill is literally the foundation of the aquatic ecosystem and a key food source for penguins, seabirds, seals and whales, so its harvesting can also be problematic. Scientists wondered where, then, could essential omega-3s be sourced such that these environmental concerns would be minimized?

The answer lies in the fact that there are plenty of shrimp in the sea.

Pure Polar Shrimp Oil is made from the shells of sustainably caught coldwater shrimp – shells that would have been discarded either in landfill or back in the sea. By extracting the oil from the shells first, the remaining biomass can still be used, and nothing is wasted – the shrimp meat is sold as food, the oil is used in Pure Polar for its extraordinary health benefits, and the crushed shells can still become animal feed or fertilizer.

All this, in a softgel cap that’s easy to take, just once a day – with no fishy taste, no harmful fillers, is 100% natural and is sustainable? Yes.

Consumers have never been more educated than they are today about the benefits of taking supplements to promote good health. For all your essential omega-3s plus the most powerful antioxidant to support your optimal health, try Pure Polar today!


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