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Not all supplements are the same. Form matters.

If you are not eating a whole fish (including the fat and skin, not bones of course) at least 3 times a week, then you should be taking an omega-3 supplement. But there are so many sources and types on the market. Which is one is the best?

The source of the omega-3s is not as important as the form they are delivered in. There are essentially three forms that the omega-3s can be delivered in: triglycerides (TAG), ethyl ester (EE) or phospholipids (PL).

You want to choose a form of omega-3s that absorb into your vital organs and membranes where they can actually do their work. Phospholipid bound omega-3s have been shown to be up to 2.5X more absorbant (or bio-available) than triglyceride or ethyl esters. Therefore you should look for omega-3 sources that come with phospholipids.

The most popular phospholipid omega-3 source is krill oil. Fish oil omega-3s are in TAG or EE form and so are not as bio-available or effective as krill oil (phospholipid) omega-3s.

Pure Polar Shrimp Oil has phospholipid omega-3s just like krill oil, making the omega-3s more bio-available than typical fish oils.

Better absorption requires less of the nutrient in order to get the desired results, in smaller capsules which are easier to swallow – and fewer capsules needed, so you get more value per bottle than with triglyceride or ethyl ester formulations found in fish oils.

Are phospholipid omega-3s that are found in krill and shrimp oil, really better than fish oils? Watch this video to find out. (Source: Fox Business)

Astaxanthin needs a little help to absorb too.

Like omega-3s, natural astaxanthin typically has poor absorption too, with some people only absorbing as low as 10%. If you are concerned about the low absorption of natural astaxanthin, don’t be. Studies have shown that natural astaxanthin formulations with lipids does improve the absorption significantly. Shrimp oil naturally produces astaxanthin with a phospholipid-omega-3 base. Phospholipids have been proven to improve the absorption of omega-3s and is commonly used in drug formulations to improve the absorption of oily drugs.

Pure Polar Shrimp Oil is extracted using a patented extraction technology to preserve the phospholipid bound omega-3 EPA and DHA, and esterified natural astaxanthin in the shrimp oil. Every batch of Pure Polar is tested for potency, purity, safety and consistency. That means you can take Pure Polar Shrimp Oil with confidence, knowing that your body is effectively making use of these essential nutrients for optimum heart, brain, joint, muscle, skin and eye health.


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