Dr. Marvin Heuer M.D.*

"What I like about Pure Polar is that one dose provides your daily intake of omega-3s with effective phospholipid content, while also supplying an effective dose of natural astaxanthin equivalent up to 10 times the amount of the leading krill oil brands." 

What is Pure Polar Omega-3 Shrimp Oil?

  •  Made from the shells of Arctic coldwater shrimp
  •  100% Natural and Suatainably Sourced
  •  Delivers 2X more Omega-3s per dose than krill oil
  •  Delivers 10X more Natural Astaxanthin than krill oil
  •  Delivers Phospholipids for Potent Absorption as in krill oil
  •  Small, Easy to Swallow soft gels
  •  Just $2 a Day for all your Omega-3s and Astaxanthin needs

What Health Benefits Can I Expect from Pure Polar?

  • Heart disease is the number 1 killer in North America. 
  • Low omega-3 intake and poor diet has caused an imbalance in omega-3:omega-6 ratios resulting in cardiovascular and other inflammation related problems.

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The health benefits provided by Pure Polar are all based on scientific studies conducted on omega-3s, phospholipids and natural astaxanthin. Click the benefits to download the relevant scientific studies.

Omega-3 + Astaxanthin = Health Power


Omega-3s are so important for your Heart and Brain’s health, that the US military says, “…..it would be unethical to not attempt elevating the Omega-3 status among U.S. military personnel.”

What are the benefits of Omega-3s? Watch this video to find out.

Do you need more Omega-3s in your diet? Watch this video to find out.

Natural Astaxanthin

The super antioxidant that’s super hard to pronounce (asta-zan-thin) but is super good for you.

Fight Free Radicals with the Super Antioxidant Power of Astaxanthin.

Watch this video to learn more.

The Key is Superior Absorption

Like krill oil, Pure Polar Shrimp Oil naturally contains Phospholipids for up to 2.5 times better absorption of the nutrients compared to fish oil.

Watch this video to learn why krill oil and shrimp oil are better than fish oil.

How Much Pure Polar Should I Take?

Take 1-2 servings daily to:

  •  Lower Bad Cholesterol and Increase Good Cholesterol
  •  Improve Cognitive Function
  •  General Health Maintenance


only $29.99


Take 3-4 servings daily to:

  •  Reduce Inflammation in Joints and Tendons
  •  Eye Recovery from Exposure to Screens
  •  Improve Skin Condition after Exposure to the Sun
  •  Improve Athletic Endurance and Recovery after Exercise
  •  Boost Immune Health

Depending on the Krill Oil brand, you would need to take 10 to 160 servings daily to get the same benefits from the astaxanthin.